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Mission Statement

img Owasso Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine's mission is to be a center of excellence for pediatric ambulatory health care in the Tulsa metropolitan area. We fully expect to attract and maintain a large patient population by offering a broad range of compassionate and competent medical services. These services will include preventive medicine, acute and urgent care, as well as medical home services for children with chronic illness. We will also strive to become a positive force for the promotion of health for all ages in the Owasso community.

The experiences the patient and his or her family have during their visit to our clinic are of paramount importance. From the time a family enters our waiting room we want them to feel comfortable and confident that they will have their questions and concerns addressed. We strive to be accurate in scheduling and keeping appointments in order to minimize waiting time. We will use technology to maximize office efficiency and patient flow from waiting room to exam room to check-out.

The time spent with the physician is focused and productive. Our physicians take sincere interest in each individual patient, and are empathetic to parents' and guardians' emotional involvement with their children. We never dismiss a concerned mom. Every effort is made to include the caregiver in the plan and emphasize a partnership in the health care of their children.

We will invest in our employees and maintain a work environment that is both enjoyable and efficient. Ongoing medical education and training for all staff is of utmost importance in order to practice appropriate and team-oriented medicine. We want each person to be an expert at their particular job and to realize the value of their contribution to the practice of excellent pediatric medical care. Furthermore, we want to foster a loyalty not only to the company but also to the mission of improving the physical and mental health of families in the Owasso community.